Municipal Utilities




Municipal Utilities


Ordering new electric, water, and sewer services:

A meter deposit is required with service order:

- Residential/electric & water $50.00

- Commercial/large $300.00

- Commercial/small $150.00

24 hour advance notice is suggested.


Summer Sewage Rates:

City offers allowance for residential sewer usage rates based off April's water usage for your July, August, September, and October sewage bill. This provides for citizens to water lawns, etc. during summer months without additional

sewage charges.



Limb Pick-up:

Limbs and brush are picked up one week each month from April through October. This is for residents only. Limbs should be placed in alleys for properties bordered by alleys. Properties bordered by streets “only” will have their limbs picked up along the curb. Limbs should be put out by 7am on the Monday of the week of pick-up. There is only one pass of neighborhoods per month. Please check local papers for schedules.



County operated - all inquires should be directed to



Street Sweeping

All city streets are swept from April to November between the hours of 7am– 3pm. The downtown area will be swept on Thursday morning between the house of 4am and 6am. Residents are asked to have vehicles off streets during these hours.


Greenhill Cemetery

Cost $300.00 per lot. $450.00 grave open and close fee. (weekends and holidays $600.00). See City Clerk-Treasurer for details at 248-5100


City Council

Is legislative body of city government, Columbia City Common Council - Meets second and fourth Tuesday each month at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers, 2nd floor of City Hall.


Board of Works

Is responsible for administrative management of all City Depts. Columbia City Board of Public Works - Meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening at 5:15pm in the Council Chambers, 2nd floor of City Hall.


Utility Bills:

Mailed by the first week of the month due on or before 20th of each month (if the 20th falls on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, your bill must be in City Hall drop box before 7:30 am the next working day postmarks are not honored). Shut-off approximately 10 days after the 20th of each  month with special fees required:

$20 Shut-off fee

$20 Reconnect fee

$60 Reconnect after hours

Method of Payment

We accept cash, check, credit/debit cards and money orders.  You can also sign up to have funds directly withdrawn from your bank account or you can make online payments through PayGov.  You can go directly to their site at or there is a link on the City’s webpage.  There is a service fee to use credit/debit cards and when making payments online.



Sanitation Service:

Weekly trash/garbage is provided to City Residents only (single and double family dwellings) A charge is added on your utility bill. Contact Utility Office, 248-5100 for more details. Questions regarding solid waste should be directed to Advanced Disposal@ 260-839-0300


Spring Clean-up:

City-wide clean up for city residents only. Date of service and items that will be allowed is published in local newspaper. This day allows for city residents to clean house and have discards hauled away at no charge.


Leaf Pick-up:

Leaf pick-up for city residents begins when most leaves have fallen from trees, leaves should be raked between curb and sidewalk (never in street, no bagging). Leaves are composted and are free to public in early spring of following year.


Snow Removal

All city streets are plowed before any alleys are plowed (citizens are asked to please remove vehicles from street to allow for curb to curb plowing). Salt/sand is applied to intersections only (sand is applied to alleys as needed). Citizens are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks within 24 hours of each weather occurrence (it is recommended to allow the snow plow to pass before cleaning your sidewalk).


Downtown Parking

Two hour controlled parking in downtown area (no exceptions) $10.00 charge for parking violation if paid within 13 days at Utility Office, first floor of City Hall. On the 14th day, fine is $35.00 and payable at the City Attorney’s Office, 202 West Van Buren St, Suite A, Columbia City.


Communication Department

Open 24 hours a day. Located on first floor of City Hall, Answers City emergency 911 calls Answers all Police Department business calls (248-5121) Answers all emergency calls for Municipal Utility after normal working hours.